Cubot Cheetah 2 teardown video

Cubot Cheetah 2 is a second phone from this chinese manufacturer from the Cheetah lineup and just like the first one it’s targetting mostly the value segment. The hardware itself is pretty average so all they do to impress the customers is to offer good price and solid build and design of the phone.

And to document the good build of the phone and everything Cheetah decided to release an official teardown video. So you can see what a skilled chinese guy with a screwdriver can do. Disassembling the phone quickly to individual pieces and even tho the video is intended also as self-help educational one for possible repairs, i’m not sure if i would recommened doing so at home. Check it out anyway.

If the Cubot Cheetah 2 would look appealing to you then you can visit for example this link, where the phone is currently discounted.

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