Despite Difficulties, LeEco Has A Best Seller

LeEco are in financial trouble at the moment, but it isn’t for lack of sales as it proven with new figures.

It has been reported that LeEco have held the best selling spot for smartphone sales in China from June to November of this year! This is quite remarkable for a company that has had to slow down expansion due to over investment.

The LeEco device that has seen this record sales is the LeEco Le2 smartphone, which funnily enough isn’t the current flagship device.

Data says the the LeEco Le2 has sold over 2.6million units in the 6 month period, out performing rivals from Meizu, Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi and other phone makers.

The LeEco Le2 Pro has also seen massive sales with sales in November along increasing 8.7%, although the Le3 Pro was launched at around the same time.

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