Bluboo working on a new rugged phone designated Bluboo R1

Seems like Bluboo are trying to work on something new outside their usual area of expertise and the planned Bluboo R1 device is something to surprise their fans a bit.

Bluboo R1 will belong in the rugged, resistant, outdoorsy family of phones and the company is trying to cater to the increasing demand for the sturdy device with solid hardware specifications. Because that the common Achilles heel for such devices sporting some serious rugged specs, but pretty obsolete and sluggish hardware inside.

Even though the exact specifications of Bluboo R1 are unknown the company claims that weak hardware is not going to be the case for the model, so we can expect enough performance to satisfy even the power users among the rugged lovers. On the other hand the design should be also carrying a touch of elegance to satisfy even the ordinary smartphone users. We shall see the reality pretty soon when the phone gets officially unveiled.

Bluboo R1 is expected to make a market appearing in the first half of 2017 and we will be of course monitoring all the information about it in due time.

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