Xiaomi’s Pinecone SoC will compete with Snapdragon 808 chipset

Xiaomi’s Pinecone SoC will compete with Snapdragon 808 chipset


We’ve all heard (and read) a lot so far about Xiaomi Mi 5C, the next smartphone to be unveiled by the Chinese company. Some rumors insist that this phone will pack a Snapdragon 825 SoC but others – today- say that perhaps there will be 2 variants of the device, the second of which will use Pinecone, Xiaomi’s own-made SoC!

So far rumors say that the Xiaomi Pinecone chipset will be a direct competitor to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 808 SoC, which means that it will be quite a bargain or someone who wants a value for money smartphone (affordable that is), with decent specifications to compete against other devices. In other words we should consider Xiaomi Pinecone SoC as an affordable solution for mid-range smartphones.

The Xiaomi Mi 5C (codenamed Xiaomi Meri) is expected to launch later this month, packing a 5.5 inch full HD display, 3GB of RAM, 64GB of native storage, 13MPixels main camera and an 8MP selfie camera.

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  • Rohith Iyer

    Snapdragon 825? Not in news that Qualcomm is planning to launch it

  • Denis Iastrebov

    835, most probably.

    • Rohith Iyer

      It is Snapdragon 625 as reported earlier, This is a mid ranger smartphone and 835 is still far away as Samsung is lobbying for the processor

      • Denis Iastrebov

        625 makes more sense in this context. Thanks.

        • Faisal Shaharyar

          there are 2 versions one uses 8 core A53 other is on 10nm using 4 high performance cores.

          likely scenario is that they will launch this processor on Mi5c in 3rd or 4th quarter of the year. which is very late. by that time SD will have a refreshed lineup of SD 653.

  • Zero

    808? Did they mean 650???

    • They just copy from other sites, one guy posts 808 and everyone just copies.
      Glad to see people still think, It’s more likely SD650 competitor, since it will be made using the same process(28nm), however I really doubt they can pull off very good battery life and modem connectivity with this, probably band support will be quite limited.

      • Faisal Shaharyar

        their are 2 versions of Pinecone.
        one will be on 28nm using 8 core A53 architect and Mali T860 MP4.
        other will be on 10nm using 4 core A53 and 4 Core A73 with Mali G71 MP12.

        So by these specs my guess is first is one close Helio P10 or P15.
        second one will be 20% faster than Snapdragon SD652. may be equal to upcoming SD653.

        • nobitakun

          if the second one packs a mali G71 MP12 then it plays in a totally different league than SD653. It will be more likely to be 70-80% faster I guess.

          • Faisal Shaharyar

            surely it will be faster than 653 but how much we don’t know and by the time its released SD is will have something new.

            GPU would be fast likely to be comparable to Adreno 530. that’s what is tempting putting a high end gpu on a mid end processor.

        • Mali 860MP4 will be faster than even Helio P20.
          That chip is meant to compete with SD625 mostly, Mediatek are not a big concern for Xiaomi as a chip manufacturers(MTK’s chips cost much, much less than Qualcomm’s)

  • caleb long

    pinecone should be faster than snapdragon 835 and be put in the mi6 versions

    • Denis Iastrebov

      oh, really?

  • NextHype

    Great news, an upper mid-range SoC from Xiaomi… next Redmi Note will be cheaper.

  • Fox Hunter

    Good, then xiaomi should dump qualcomm and their overpriced snapdragon crap, use xiaomi chips in all xiaomi phones, xiaomi should also stop paying royalties to qualcomm, and pass on the saving to their customers. To hell with qualcomm, patent trolls like qualcomm deserve to go under. Xiaomi should fork their MIUI already!! no need to be reliant on google either!