Dual-camera centric MediaTek Helio P25 finally official

mediatek helio x30

After talking about the Helio P25 a couple of times, Taiwan’s MediaTek have finally made this new mobile SoC official.

The octa-core, 2.5GHz Helio P25 is apparently designed with dual-rear camera photography in mind, a trend that’s seeing huge popularity. The Helio P25 uses a 16nm process and features MediaTek Image, the fabricator’s proprietary Image Signal Processor (ISP).

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With that, the Helio P25 will be able to support single cameras of up to 24 mega-pixel, while dual camera setups can go as high as 13 mega-pixel + 13 mega-pixel. The P25 will also offer Video HDR (aka live HDR), which means the effects will be applied in real-time.

Other features that the P25 has been built to support are shallow depth of field effects and Color + Mono de-noise. The chip will have support for up to 6GB of RAM, which should help MediaTek sail the boat for this year.

You should be able to see Helio P25-powered phones on the market in a handful months from now. Is that the SoC MediaTek need this year, in your opinion? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. MattD
    February 8, 2017

    The p20 seems less power hungry than x20 (which was a disappointment on many levels for me), but mediatek keeps killing its own chips with bad choices (you know, bad gpus, closed sources etc) so I guess it needs to be priced low or else it won’t be worth it

  2. mac
    February 8, 2017

    OMG! MediaTek: guys … less chips per year but with much stronger support for the community = much much (believe me!) much much much more MediaTek based devices customers will buy – this is easy AS HELL! The current status is that almost no one creates custom ROMs, no official support from LineageOS (former CyanogenMod). Especially the last is painful for users. Then again: MediaTek please rethink your strategy and provide strong support for your chips!

    • Muhammad Yasir
      February 9, 2017

      Wat r u trying to say

      • mac
        February 9, 2017

        I wish to buy their products (MediaTek) but when I do so I can be 95% sure that it will be Android one-version device w/o proper support and no chances for 2nd live with use of i.e. LineageOS. Compare it with Moto G3, manufacturer dropped support some time ago, but I can still use it with current LineageOS. It is huge difference! Qualcomm in this conext is light years better choice. The current situation is better than years before. In example Cubot Note S based on MT6580 got Marshmallow update but unfortunately for almosat all cases this is still roulette if your MediaTek based devce will get update to higher Android version.

        • Muhammad Yasir
          February 9, 2017

          Indeed . All CPU makers should release kernel code after some time to facilitate the customers