Dual-camera centric MediaTek Helio P25 finally official

mediatek helio x30

After talking about the Helio P25 a couple of times, Taiwan’s MediaTek have finally made this new mobile SoC official.

The octa-core, 2.5GHz Helio P25 is apparently designed with dual-rear camera photography in mind, a trend that’s seeing huge popularity. The Helio P25 uses a 16nm process and features MediaTek Image, the fabricator’s proprietary Image Signal Processor (ISP).

With that, the Helio P25 will be able to support single cameras of up to 24 mega-pixel, while dual camera setups can go as high as 13 mega-pixel + 13 mega-pixel. The P25 will also offer Video HDR (aka live HDR), which means the effects will be applied in real-time.

Other features that the P25 has been built to support are shallow depth of field effects and Color + Mono de-noise. The chip will have support for up to 6GB of RAM, which should help MediaTek sail the boat for this year.

You should be able to see Helio P25-powered phones on the market in a handful months from now. Is that the SoC MediaTek need this year, in your opinion? Let us know in the comments below.

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