[FACEPALM] Galaxy Note 7 battery factory catches fire…

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery fiasco is still fresh in everyone’s minds. Besides being a hazard for all users of the phone, the mishap even turned out to be a PR disaster for Samsung.

To add fuel to the fire (figuratively?), a factory in China that produced the Note 7 batteries was reported to have caught fire.

According to Bloomberg, that fire wasn’t a major one, but certainly trivial. It also seems to have occurred at a waste site on the factory rather than around the production areas, which perhaps also explains how the production wasn’t affected.

The fire accident occurred on Tuesday morning.

The Note 7 lived a short but adventurous life in 2016. The phone was pulled off of the market twice, and then ultimately cut short.

Do you think we assume our smartphones to be much safer to use than they actually are?

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