Vivo V5 Plus Unboxing And First Impressions Of The Worlds First Dual Front Camera Phone

vivo V5 Plus review

Vivo has been great enough to send over its latest smartphone and the first handset to boast dual front cameras. Read my unboxing and first impressions of the Vivo V5 Plus.

Vivo have once again raised the bar and done something that no other smartphone brand has done before. The Vivo V5 Plus might look like your usual, super-stylish, Vivo handset but on closer inspection you’ll notice that this handset boasts a novel feature.

Where as most phone makers are focussing on adding dual rear cameras to their smartphones, Vivo has decided to do things the opposite way around with the Vivo V5P and spec the phone with dual front cameras. We’re not talking cheap run of the mill sensors here either, as Vivo has opted for dual 20 mega-pixel sensors!

vivo V5 Plus review

Vivo V5 Plus Unboxing

We’ve been sent the international version of the Vivo V5P which will be readily available in Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, India, Thailand, and Indonesia. The International version of the Vivo V5P comes with English labelling on the packaging, while the device itself comes with Google Play services installed.

vivo V5 Plus review

Inside the packaging is the Vivo V5 Plus, in the usual protective plastic packaging that all Vivo device ship with.

Remove the phone and list the flag and you will uncover packages that contain a charge, USB cable, headphones, silicone case, and a screen protector.

vivo V5 Plus review

With other Vivo phones that we have reviewed the headphones included have been pretty high quality units, but those included with the Vivo V5P look more like the cheap earbuds that come with the iPhone.

It’s also worth noting that the Vivo V5P comes with a standard USB cable as the phone isn’t equipped with a more modern USB Type C.

vivo V5 Plus review

Vivo V5 Plus First Impressions

Upon unboxing the Vivo V5P you will be welcomed with quite a stylish smartphone that quite plainly sees inspiration from other mid-range Vivo phones, Oppo devices and, yes, the iPhone.

vivo V5 Plus review

The unibody design is manufactured from a single piece of alloy so while you can’t remove and replace the built in battery, there is a SIM tray in the gold body for either dual micro SIM cards or a single SIM and micro SD card.

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Two antenna lines break up the expanse of gold on the rear of the phone, power and volume buttons on the right, 3.5mm headphone jack, Vivo logo and rear 16 megapixel camera make up the rest of the features that are built in to the attractive gold body.

vivo V5 Plus review

Up front is a 5.5-inch FHD display, a physical button with fingerprint scanner in the chin and those dual 20 mega-pixel front cameras along the top edge of the phone. As mentioned before, these are high-end sensor boasting F2.0 apertures, 5P lenses and 1/2.78” sensor size!

vivo V5 Plus review

While it all looks rather good on first look, a few details are missing or not as expected on closer inspection. For one the 16 mega-pixel rear camera sits proud of the phone. I’m not really a fan of cameras that aren’t flush with the body, and the rear camera on the Vivo V5 Plus juts out more than most.

Im also not really a fan of the flat 5.5-inch panel across the front of the phone. I’ve become use to a 2.5D curve on my phones and with the display on the Vivo V5 Plus sitting a couple of mm away from the metal chassis I would have preferred a curved glass panel.

vivo V5 Plus review

As it is the Vivo V5 Plus feels a little thicker than other phones, but the good news is Vivo have put that space to good use with a 3160mAh battery living inside along with dual engine fast charging technology and HIFI audio.

Other specification highlights for the Vivo V5 Plus include 4GB RAM, 64GB internal memory and Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor.

Vivo V5 Plus Review Coming Soon

I’ll be using the Vivo V5 Plus over the coming weeks and will have a full review of the phone posted for you to read through soon.

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