Is This The First Dual Camera Meizu? No Probably Not…

dual camera meizu

Someone needs to tell who ever made these photoshop images that it isn’t April 1st until tomorrow!

Ok, every smartphone maker is producing a dual camera smartphone and we all expect that Meizu will jump on the bandwagon soon enough, but we’re 100% sure that these images are NOT of a dual camera Meizu phone.

These images purport to show a Meizu smartphone with dual cameras in a similar style to the iPhone 7 Plus, but they are quite clearly photoshopped images, and bad ones at that!

We’re sure that Meizu will launch a dual camera phone, and we do actually think they will copy the style of the dual camera module on the iPhone 7 Plus (because who would Meizu be if they didn’t copy Apple?), but this isn’t the actual phone.


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