Xiaomi the ‘Most Preferred Smartphone Brand’ in India: Report

With their low-cost smartphones making loud noise in the Indian smartphone market, Xiaomi are well on their way to forget about their previous setbacks.

The company recently launched the Redmi 4A in the country, which is yet another budget phone. It’s seen as a cheaper alternative to the Redmi 3S that was announced a few months earlier.

All of this seems to have done Xiaomi’s brand value no damage. According to a recent survey, Xiaomi is now the most preferred smartphone brand in the country.

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A survey was conducted on 2,000 users which revealed that 26 percent were interested in purchasing a Xiaomi as their next Android phone. This means that Xiaomi beat brands like Samsung, Lenovo and Motorola to grab the #1 position.

It remains to be seen if Xiaomi manages to recreate the feat for higher priced phones. To be fair to the company, it’s certainly something worth celebrating.

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  1. vijay sud
    April 6, 2017

    Two factors are holding Xiaomi back , from utter domination of Indian mobile market are 1. Capacity restraint, being just not enough capacity to meet market demand. 2. Utter lack of high end phones, introduced into India by Xiaomi. After Mi5 disaster Xiaomi only sells budget devices here. It should be advisable to bring in Mi6, and Mi Mix into India to improve market mix.

    • Lazar Prodanovic
      April 7, 2017

      Well we made Mi Max Prime to run as One+ T3 & it’s very available in India.

    • Wolvie
      April 7, 2017

      I beg to differ, Mi6 and Mix market are very limited to a few rich people with a lot of money to throw away.

      I agree with Xiaomi lack of production capacity , i got A LOT OF FRIENDS actually waited for almost 1 year for Xiaomi redmi note 3 pro to be re-stock on their official Singapore web store. In the end they pissed off and buy other brands. Stupid Xiaomi NEVER CARE for international buyers other than china and india *Sigh*

      But business wise, i do think Xiaomi should focus their attention on improving their mainstream models series (Redmi note , Mi MAX, Redmi Pro)

      Most people i know will buy the cheapest model (Redmi) but if buyers can think clearly, they should buy mainstream models as the price is not much different than the cheapest model but the specification is much better so in the end it is more value for money.

      Problem is nowaday Xiaomi LITERALLY DON’T REALLY CARE to improve their mainstream models. Redmi note 3 pro i saw no longer selling on aliexpress because Xiaomi stop the production to boost their stupid redmi note 4 , Mi MAX and Redmi pro still don’t have any replacement yet. Redmi note 4 (either mediatek or qualcomm) are consider a disaster/downgrade from redmi note 3 pro.

      Now i am waiting for redmi pro 2, if really XIAOMI still put mediatek or weak qualcomm soc inside then really time for me to say goodbye and jump to other brands.