Doogee Mix will have a sub-$200 price tag

Doogee Mix will have a sub-$200 price tag

Doogee Mix

We have touched the subject of the new Doogee Mix with bezel-free design in our article today already along the first hands-on video. But with the follow-up news we have for you just now it will look even better. Because seems like that the phone is going to be available with a sub-$200 price tag…

It’s nice to see that the hardware will be matching the nice design and it certainly won’t be a low-end product like many of the Doogee models before. And what is certainly worth noting is the fact, that it’s body will be fairly small and compact when compared with the larger Mi Mix or Samsung S8 with similar design. Yes those are sporting bigger displays with 6,44″ and 5,7″ respectively, but still the 5,5″ Super AMOLED screen looks just enough and the body too, you can see the comparison in the title picture.

Doogee Mix is currently showcased at the Global Sources fair in HongKong and while there are black and blue versions on display, there will be also one light blue coming, as documented by the picture above. Doogee Mix is looking really good when you take into consideration the design, price and the hardware inside so we are looking forward to it when it hits the shelves in May. There should be allegedly also coming high-end version of the phone with Helio X30 processor later on.

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  • Oscar

    Doogee Mix looks different in the hands on video. It has thick black lines around the sides. If the X30 model actually looks like the above picture I’ll buy it but at its current state it doesn’t look too appealing to me.

  • Juan Pedro Martín

    I think someone has won a lot of money with some Chinese brands. Search in Google “maze alpha”, “elephone s1”, “umidigi crystal”, “idwell d10”, “leagoo T-Mix”… All are the same good design, the same dual camera in the same position and minimal differences in cameras, hw, screen technology and digital sensors position.

    Next month almost all cheap china brand are going to release almost the same phone.

    Otherwise if camera and quality are good they could be best sellers.

    Most of them have another almost equal 6 inch model

    • Oscar

      Lol yep that’s how it works. They’ll all probably have it manufactured in the same place with exactly the same design just different hardware. They’ll all look the same with those thick black lines around the sides. Hopefully there’s like a premium edition with minimal bezels but I doubt there will be.

  • Marco

    I like how Doogee come from cheaper brand to high quality products, also they have great support for software updates. gogo DOOGEE

  • cyril symbio

    the real phone is really far from the picture posted here. ahah…