Xiaomi Mi6 presale is already up at Geekbuying

Xiaomi Mi6 presale is already up at Geekbuying

Xiaomi Mi6

The long awaited and touted Xiaomi Mi6 is freshly out of the bag for the day or something and the first presales are just starting to emerge already. One of them is from the guys and girls at Geekbuying so we will take a look at what they are offering.

Going through all the Xiaomi Mi6 specs would be probably bringing sand to the beach, because everybody and their grandmas surely know it by heart by now. Just in case you would live in the bubble the past few days you can check out our comprehensive post, where you can find all the pertinent info about new Xiaomi flagship model.

The presale offer from Geekbuying is as expected not going with the announced chinese launch price, but that is the reality we just have to expect if we don’t live in China directly. The basic 6GB/64GB is priced at $489.99 available in black, blue and white, while the more powerful 6GB/128GB version in same colors sits at $565.99. Interestingly the Ceramic Black version got exactly the same price tag. Shipping is expected in a month, so there is plenty of time to go through with your pre-order.

There are plenty of other Xiaomi products discounted for the impatient ones, so can’t hurt to check the full Xiaomi offer on their website, maybe something will pick your interest.

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  • Chris

    To be honest, the Mi 6 is a disappointment. Following Samsung’s groundbreaking S8 design, any other phone looks just “old”. Samsung innovated, others change colors and the CPU.

    • Anthony lee

      As much as i don’t want to, i totally agree.

    • Shizola

      The S8 costs $830. The Mi 6 costs $360.

      • Yes, but you probably won’t find it anywhere at $360 for about 6 months.

    • I agree, as far as looks are concerned anyway, but I think it has other attractive features making it worth considering.

  • Maik Spindler

    so how much did they pay you guys…

  • The price of the Mi 6 was supposed to be around $360 but all the retailer listings I have seen have it at $489 or $499. No way am I paying that price. I’d rather wait a few months until the price drops below $400. Not that that’s a lot of difference but it’s the principle of the thing. I don’t like being held to ransom by overly greedy retailers.