Xiaomi launches 3-axis Shooting Stabilizer for smartphones

Xiaomi launches 3-axis Shooting Stabilizer for smartphones


Xiaomi unveiled today another gadget for its Mi Ecosystem in China, also known as MIJIA. The device is a 3-axis Shooting stabilizer designed specifically for smartphones and supports multi-mode shooting, three-axis stabilization technology with high-precision screw and a specially designed acceleration sensor offering real-time detection of mobile phone space positioning.

3-axis Shooting Stabilizer

This basically allows for multi-angle compensation during the movement of the smartphone, thus having a more stable phone with a balanced gesture, resulting in smooth video recording. Xiaomi’s 3-axis Shooting Stabilizer comes with 4 shooting modes: horizontal movement, omni-directional movement, locking direction and vertical mode.

It packs brushless motor holdings offering 270-degree rotation without distortion for smooth slow mo videos specifically. It’s made of ABS and fiberglass materials, weighs 450 gr, measures 266 x 53 x 43 mm, but its height can be reduced to 208mm, making it easy to carry and store.

It comes with a 1050mAh battery that can offer up to 4 hours of shooting time and you can find it through Mi Home crowdfunding platform priced at 799 Yuan ($166).

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  • Mike

    Way too expensive for what it is… There are better stabilisers our there for 1/5th if the price. Congrats xiaomi at your over pricing

    • Speezz

      WHAAAT ?!
      Tell me where you can find a 3-axis smartphone stabilizer for less than 40$ as you say ! It looks like you’re thinking it’s just a selfie stick …

      • Well, in comparison with the original (the Mijia seems a rebrand of the Snoppa M1), yes.
        I paid 59 + 12 shipping = 71 USD for mine, so then 166 is quite the stretch.
        — hum, actually 799 CNY is more like 116, not 166.

        • You would be right, if it not were the fact that only a very small handfull of people who paid for the snoppa in october actually recieved it.

          • Yeah, I wonder what they’re going to do… maybe they’ll pull a Pebble. Using crowdfunding as a springboard for an overtaking by a huge company. I mean, my Pebble TIme 2 got refunded at least, but, we’ve backed an idea to make it to reality… not because someone needs to make career. I mean, do whatever you want after succesful completion of your campaign, but don’t just leave people hanging. Oh well, it is what it is.

    • Please provide links to those 3-axis motorized gimbals of $33 (or $23) or else you are talking ‘alternative facts’….

  • Zoran

    You mean 116$ not 166$