Gretel Want You To Choose The A7 Over The Nokia 3310

Chinese phone manufacturer Gretel believes that fans of the Nokia 3310 shouldn’t fall for nostalgia, but rather look at the specs and choose something more up to date.

When Nokia relaunched the 3310 they really did spark the interest of the tech world and many of us who owned the original 3310. While the new 3310 does see some improvements over the original indestructible phone, it’s still a far cry away from even the cheapest of Chinese Android smartphones.

Gretel for one believes that their Gretel A7 is a 3310 killer! Not only featuring hardware way above the classic Nokia phone but also benefitting from a similar durable construction (see the video below to see what they mean).

Benefits the Gretel A7 has over the Nokia 3310 are a larger 4.7inch HD display, Android 6.0, 3G data, 8 megapixel rear camera, 2 megapixel front, 2000mAh battery and most of all the price!

While the 3310 will go on sale for around $64 the Gretel A7 will cost an incredible $39.99! Gretel plans on launching the A7 before the end of April and will offer the phone in black, white, silver, yellow and orange.

To order a Gretel A7 at only $39.99 head over to Aliexpress now.

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