New picture of the Elephone P8 surfaced

Elephone P8

The Elephone machinery is in full force trying to promote their heap of the new phones from their 2017 plan and among the “coming soon” ones the Elephone P8 is probably the most interesting one. You have to admit it looks good on paper and in the pictures already revealed, no matter if you have your reservations towards the brand.

They are trying to push it as an ultimate afforable photo phone with 16 Mpix Samsung front cam and 21 MPix Sony rear cam as the main weapons of choice. Such things always look promising and tempting, but the software side of things can be equally important and Elephone has a bit of a history with slightly problematic and not ideally optmized camera software. Let’s hope for the best this time, because it would be a shame for the potential to go to waste, the phone itself will have plenty of computing power with Helio P25 processor and 6 GB of DDR4 RAM.

Of course the main dealbreaker will be the price and we are still kept in the dark with that. With the alleged May release looming close we should be getting some more detailed information soon so we should be seeing the viability of Elephone P8 to succeed on the market fully. Let’s cross the fingers.

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