So, there’s a $12 clone of the Nokia 3310 in the market now

HMD, makers of the new Nokia 3310 are riding on the nostalgia fervour to drive some sales for the phone, but it looks like they’re not the only ones doing so.

A new phones — the Darago 3310 — is an exact replica of the original and is already selling in the market for much lesser, at just $12. The Darago 3310 was found selling in the Indian market for 799 INR.

Darago have gone full monty in replicating the classic 3310; the design, layout, and the exact outer appearance has been recreated.

Buyers in India can avail the phone from e-commerce giant Flipkart. There’s no word on weather this phone is going to be sold in other markets as well, but given the popularity of the 3310, more makers akin Darago might just churn out some lookalikes and make some quick bucks on the way.

Have you ever purchased a replica phone?

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