Leaked images claim that the OnePlus 5 will launch on the 20th of June

OnePlus has been building up hype for the OnePlus 5 pretty well these past months. Between random Weibo posts and official news from OnePlus, the hype’s been well and alive. If a new leak from Weibo is to be believed however, this may end soon.

An image recently appeared on Weibo showing what is supposedly the launch date for the OnePlus 5. The image features a calender with the date 20th of June circled, with the text ‘Save the date’ and the OnePlus logo. If this is true, then the OnePlus 5 may be a mere 15 days away from launch.

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Now of course there’s always the possibility of this being fake, so take it we a grain of salt. The OnePlus 5 could be weeks or months away from launch, though it seems like it’ll be coming soon. Between the leaks and the hype, we’ll have to wait and see if the OnePlus 5 lives up to the hype.

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