Tri-Bezel-Less Elephone S8 to feature a 6-inch 2K Display and High Res...

Tri-Bezel-Less Elephone S8 to feature a 6-inch 2K Display and High Res Camera


Today, the tri-bezel-less Elephone S8 might be a step closer to getting released as we hear more details about the handset from the Chinese phone maker. The device is indeed going to sport a big display with a resolution of 2K and more. Let’s find out!

Elephone S8

The Elephone S8 will be featuring a 6-inch display with a resolution of 2K — 2560x1440px to be precise, making it the handset without the top bezel with the highest res on the market.

Elephone went as far as releasing three screenshots taken on the S8 to show they aren’t lying about the pixel count, let’s check them down below.

But high resolution isn’t only on the display, Elephone are equipping the S8 with a 21MP rear camera and a 8MP front-facing shooter as well.

In summary, the Elephone will be able to take very detailed high quality photos which you will then be able to watch on the amazing high resolution tri-bezel-less display. That sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Let us know in the comments below what you think!

Learn more about the Elephone S8 on the company’s official website.

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  • Filipp

    sad.. 21 mp means lower quality
    even mi6’s sensor with 1.25 um pixels is better

    • Assefa Hanson

      sooo.. mega pixel count is the only deciding factor? what about software processing, lens architecture, sensor hardware

      • Muhammad Yasir

        lol … beast

    • Muhammad Yasir

      explain !

      • Spazturtle

        High mega pixel + small sensor = very small light collecting surface per pixel. That means bad low light performance and high noise in images.

      • Filipp

        look, when they put 2 times more pixels on the same (or slightly bigger) sensor, pixels will be smaller (you can check exmor on wiki to look at pixel sizes)
        This means:
        Every pixel gets less light and photo becomes more noisy
        the dinamic range becomes worse, which is no good
        So, ceteris paribus 21 mp camera will suck comparing to 12mp, 8mp and so on, as far as you post 2-3mp pictures on social networks
        If you want to print a poster, 8-12mp is not enough, but nobody uses a smartphone for it

        I understand that mi6 auto mode is not perfect taking pictures with shorter exposure resulting in worse photos than samsung etc.
        but, if you use manual or exposure compensation, you can get decent results (which is the case of mi5)

        • Muhammad Yasir


          • andrewi

            That’s not a universal rule, but generally he’s right, and the real issue with noise is low light photography. Phones are very disadvantaged here due to the small size of their optics compared to SLRs etc etc. They aren’t even big enough to receive the light needed to make 21MP pictures clear without using additional gain, which is like turning an old radio right up to counter a bad signal: things get fuzzy.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    it’s horrible , it’s not even bald .. its not topless !

    oh and God knows when it will be released into the market !