Cubot S1’s Pro Features: Remote Camera Control and Music Control

The Cubot S1 is the Chinese phone makers’s third wearable device after the successful V1 and V2 fitness bands. Cubot already introduced the S1 to us a couple weeks back but today they went into detail on two very interesting features — remote camera control and music control.

Let’s begin with the camera control function, which is pretty self-explanatory, but for those who aren’t aware, it consists in making the Cubot S1 a shutter button for the camera. It’s quite easy to enable, once you connect the band to your smartphone through Bluetooth, you simply open the menu tab on the left and tap on “remote camera”. After you do that, the Cubot S1 becomes a real shutter button that allows you to take photos remotely.

As far as the music remote feature goes, this one is built-in into the band and you find it among the different options swiping down on the display. If the Cubot S1 is already connected via bluetooth to your phone then you can play/pause music or go to the previous and next song.

The Cubot S1, which is also equipped with a 6-axis sensor, will go on sale starting July 10th and will be priced around $50. To learn more about this smart bracelet visit its official product page.

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