Watch: Elephone P8 Mini – Official Disassembly Video

With hundreds — if not thousands — of Elephone P8 Mini out in the wild, some people might get curious to learn more about the insides of their device. So, Elephone thought that they would rather disassemble the P8 Mini themselves in order to save ordinary users from damaging their devices.

We can have a look at the disassembly in the video down below:

From what we can see the disassembly process is pretty straight forward; you detach the back of the phone with a simple plastic prying tool, after doing that we can have a look at the inside. We see there are some sealed parts such as the speaker, but that doesn’t make it waterproof, instead it does help creating a crispier sound when playing music.

On the top left corner of the phone we can see the two rear cameras, composed of two 13MP+2MP cameras and the 16MP front-facing shooter with F/2.0 aperture.

Elephone also covered the battery with a flexible natural graphite flake to dissipate the heat created under heavy load or while charging, there’s also a silica gel plate on the CPU for the same reason.

Elephone P8 Mini

You will find more info on the Elephone P8 Mini over at the company’s official website.

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