Video : Unboxing the big battery Geotel G1 Terminator

Geotel G1

Hasta la vista baby ! Terminator is here, at least in some user friendly mobile form or rather let’s say masked as a mobile phone. The new Geotel G1 is nicknamed the Terminator and it probably aims to eradicate all the opposing phones with smaller battery capacity.

That’s because the main feature of the upcoming Geotel G1 will be the massive 7500 mAh battery, which will surely be able to feed the phone for several days. And thanks to the individual full sized USB port it will be also serving as a possible power bank for any of your other hungry devices. All the specs for the phone are not released yet so all we know is that it will be sporting 5-inch HD display and employ Android 7.0 Nougat as OS.

And to show you some moving pictures instead of a boring beating around the bush we have for you today an official unboxing video for the Geotel G1 so you can check out the contents of the package and see the phone in full glory.

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