Cubot S1 Heart Rate Monitoring – As good as a professional chest strap?

Cubot have just put their latest Cubot S1 fitness band against the more professional Polar and Alatech heart rate monitor straps to see what difference there really is between the devices. Well, the results are quite surprising, let’s check them out in the video below!

From what we already know, the Cubot S1 uses photoelectric technology to sense the heart rate, meanwhile the Polar and Alatech straps use the more professional (and expensive) ECG technology, which is what is generally used in hospitals as well.

That said, looking at the video, we don’t see that much of a difference between these totally different devices. The graphs show only some minor discrepancy, which wouldn’t really matter in a full workout session.

So, we can safely say that getting the Cubot S1 is somewhat better than getting one of those straps, as the fitness band also has additional functionalities, such as time piece (duh), show notifications and many more.

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Cubot S1

You can learn more about the Cubot S1 over on the official website.

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