Elephone’s ELE OS 1.0 Top Features Revealed

Elephone’s ELE OS 1.0 Top Features Revealed


Just yesterday Elephone called for people to help them test their custom made ELE OS 1.0 and it seems as they’ve been quite successful at that. They have got lots of aspiring testers who asked to join the testing group. Now Elephone exposes what are best features of their OS, let’s have a look.

1. Customized interface

There are 50 wallpapers which consist portrait screen and widescreen, and you can also customize our favorite images. Besides, there are many icon and font options for you to choose.

2. User switch

This new function is really cool. Next time, when your girlfriend asks to see your phone, you can change it to the guest user mode…

3. The convenient parts of Android 7.0

They kept the convenient parts of the original Android system, but adjusted them to a better interface. For example, in settings, you can slide to right quickly and see more functions in setting. Besides, they improved the icons too.

4. Calculator

They adjusted the Calculator interface carefully, slide left to clean up and slide right to see the history.

5. One-click clear up

With this function, you can clear up the multiple tasks by clicking the button on the desk interface, it’s really convenient and fast.

6. Eyes protect mode

You can turn on the eyes protect mode when you’re reading or chatting with friends. The interface looks smooth and you will not feel tired after long-time using.

7. Calendar

No need to download another third-party app of the calendar, the calendar of ELE OS is really beautiful and easy to use. Multiple modes to record our daily tasks, it’s a perfect work tool for working people.

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Elephone say there are more features to come, until then if you own an Elephone P8 mini you can go ahead and try to get into the test group, where you can potentially win some free gifts. Learn more about ELE OS on the official website.

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  • Peter Jerkson

    This sounds exactly like if it was written by an Elephone salesman

    • Tom Brease

      Well, Elephone are the ones who provided the info and images. We aren’t in the test group so we wouldn’t know otherwise.

      • princetom

        Lmfao.. ?

      • balcobomber25

        You are a journalist not an Elephone employee, you are allowed to be subjective and not required to copy their press release word for word…

    • balcobomber25

      Do you expect anything more from this site? When it comes to Elephone they just copy and paste their press releases.

      • Peter Jerkson

        I expect images with first impressions/opinions, and if you’re going to completely copy/paste the press release, at least mention it somewhere (instead of simply signing under the article as if it was your actual opinions).

  • Steven Pearson

    Looks and seems very interesting. A new OS and a bunch of tweaks. But I can’t join for now cause i own an Elephone P8 instead of P8 mini. So maybe I need to wait more..

  • Rick

    I would like to take part in this, I own the P8 mini and was waiting for this OS since I bought the device! but I can’t flash it as I don’t have much knowledge about flashing. Can you please tell me where can I find proper guidance of flashing this OS on my device? Thanks in advance.

  • Ron

    The best part I found was the notification toggle. Which can be pulled up from the bottom and pull down from the top. 1 icon set looks like iOS and other are also very cool. I like it, a great step. 😀

  • Rocky Raja

    1 thing i want to know, has the beta testing already been started?? Can I apply for it now?

  • Dominik Schmidtmeyer

    Oh, this seems really bad… So they added an ugly ui and modified calculator and calendar….
    I would be ashamed to call this an OS. Maybe they should name it EleSkin.

    • Ibrahim Bahakim

      tbh I think their UI looks beautiful..

    • balcobomber25

      While I hate Elephone and everything they stand for, I think this UI actually looks quite good. It will be riddled with bugs that are never fixed but it’s not ugly.

      • Dominik Schmidtmeyer

        Well, I prefer aosp look. This is too colorful for me.
        You’re probably right in regards to the bugs though

        • balcobomber25

          To each their own, design is very subjective when it comes to Android. Luckily we can all customize it to how we like it, unlike our friends using Apple lol.

  • Maac

    Good looking, seems decent but can’t comment unless testing of feeling it by myself. Has the testing already begun?

  • David Košič

    If you have seen one Chinese take on android you have seen them all.