Microwear H1: The world’s first IP68 waterproof 3G Smartwatch

Microwear H1

The Microwear H1 is one of the most advanced smartwatches in the market. The wearable device has indeed been produced by some of the world’s best smartwatch-specialized engineers from Shenzhen KTC after two years of R&D. So whether you’re interested in its ease of use, build quality, UI design, speed, bluetooth connectivity and fitness features such as step counting, heart rate monitoring and more, the H1 should not disappoint.

Microwear H1

The H1 smartwatch is equipped with a Mediatek MTK6572 processor and similar specs to the HUAWEI WATCH with a 1.39-inch 400*400 resolution AMOLED display, a 500W camera, WiFi connectivity, IP68 waterproof rating, and support for GSM four frequency call and WCDMA 3G Internet. All features that make it more appealing to a wider audience.

The smartwatch is also customizable, you can change the strap to your liking, you have two different straps, one made of steel and the other in TPU material.

The Microwear H1 can also become your health assistant, as it provides all the stats you may want to know. It can indeed monitor your heart rate, sleeping quality and there are many dedicated movement patterns for different activities such as: walking, running outdoors, indoor running, climbing, cross-country running, half horse and horse riding. With these Movement patterns, the H1 will allow you to comprehensively analyze each sports’ data and help you improve in them.

Microwear H1

In addition to that, the built-in GPS mode records your whole circuit (it can also be disabled if you prefer so), other than changes in the heart rate, mileage, calorie consumption, speed per hour, stride frequency, height changes, speed and other professional data.

The Microwear H1 also comes with some handy outdoors tools such as compass, barometer, altimeter, weather forecast, GPS navigation and more. So, you should never be afraid of getting lost, in theory. The watch  also has more than 40 built-in dial and supports wireless updates, which will allow you to easily update it.

What makes Microwear Hi stand out from all the other smartwatches is that its waterproof rating is IP68, and as we all know IP68 is pretty much the best we can get in electronics gadgets for the most part. This means you can use this smartwatch without worrying of getting it wet when washing our hands, bathing, getting wet in the rain, bathing, swimming. You can even submerge the H1 in deeper water and it will not be damaged.

The Microwear Hi’s good build quality is also certified by the goodness of the partners they’re working with. KTC are indeed are best smartwatch motherboard manufacturers with 35 million dollars earnings in 2016. With this prelude, the smartwatch could be one of the best options out in 2017.

Microwear H1

Learn more about the Microwear H1 on the company’s official website, Facebook page or Twitter handle. You can also enter the giveaway of their smartwatch over here.

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