Meiigoo S8 Render Shows Off Full Display And Mirror Finish

We’re closer today to the launch of the Meiigoo S8 than ever before, so what better time to get a sneak peak via render than now!

More information about the Meiigoo S8 smartphone has become available today as the launch of the new phone draws nearer. This new information comes in the form of a render that shows off some of the design features of this new Chinese handset, and the main points that a likely to get smartphone fans excited.

Right off the bat, we can see that the Meiigoo S8 follows the Samsung S7 with an all new full-screen design, and what we mean by that is the phone’s face is a mostly useable screen with very little bezel around the edges. This is a trend that many phone makers are following and it’s good to see Meiigoo aren’t being left behind.

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The second major detail shown in these renders is the finish of the phone. We’re used to seeing various colour options for Android smartphones, but mirror finishes are still quite uncommon yet Meiigoo has again kept ahead of the curve!

We’re rather excited to see what the Meiigoo S8 will look like in the flesh and we’re keeping a very close eye on so that we can learn more about this phone as news is released.

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