Uhans Max 2 6.44-inch Phablet to come with Four Cameras

Uhans Max 2

It seems as two rear cameras aren’t enough anymore, now Chinese smartphone makers such as Uhans are bringing the dual camera setup on the front as well. The upcoming Uhans Max 2 phablet with its massive 6.44-inch display will be one of those. Some days ago we checked out how the smartphone behaves in games, but what about camera quality? Well, we can have a look at that in the latest video released by the company.


Albeit not mentioned in the video, the two cameras on the Uhans Max 2 feature an high res 13MP for the main shooter and 2MP for the secondary. This combo allows the first camera to capture the image and the auxiliary one to log depth information. Through software it’s then possible to create a fancy bokeh effect, with the subject on focus and the background blurred; kind of what happens on more professional SLR cameras.

Uhans Max 2

Apart from the SLR mode which is what we saw in the video, the smartphone can shoot in various other modes such as panorama, facial beauty and standard; so you get all use scenarios covered.

Uhans Max 2 global premiere will kick off this September, you can learn more about the smartphone on the official website.

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