Video : Rugged Oukitel K10000 Max multi-use battery test

Rugged Oukitel K10000 Max is surely one of the most expected outdoor sturdy phones to come to the market, mainly because of the insanely big 10000 mAh battery capacity. We have already seen such battery performing in the previous non-rugged phones from the “K” series so well, but today we have another video proving its power level.

The video is showing the multi-use 3 hours of continuous usage of the Oukitel K10000 Max and involves half an hour of each of the following : MOBA gaming, video capture, Wechat voice call, video playback, audio playback and video online streaming. The result is pretty jaw-dropping, because the battery dropped just by silly 5 %. So the promises of monster endurance and 1 week of power saving use are maybe not really too much off the mark.

Global presales for the Oukitel K10000 Max will start on September 12th and as shown on the Oukitel official website the retail price will be set at $249.99. But because Oukitel is distributing a $50 discount coupon code for the presales, it will actually drop to much more wallet-friendly level at $199.99.

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