Qualcomm showcases its X50 5G Modem, the first 5G capable


Today was definitively the Qualcomm’s day in Hong Kong. During Qualcomm 4G/5G Summit, the company unveiled their newest Snapdragon 636 and brought more details of their X50 5G Modem.

According to the company the X50 was able to hit a 5G connection with more than 1 gigabit per sec, using multiple 5G carriers. It was able to establish an fully working OTA connection trough its tiny 28 GHz mmWave antenna module.

Pleased with the results, the company also took the opportunity to showcase its reference design for future 5G capable smartphones:

“In addition to the first data connection on Snapdragon X50, we’re also previewing our first mmWave 5G smartphone reference design, designed to allow us to test and optimize 5G mmWave performance within the constraints of a mobile form factor.”


Not much to say about the reference phone design, but is curious to notice the presence of the dual cameras setup in the rear. The cameras are wrapped by the antennas, which starts in the rear taking to the phone’s border. Qualcomm aims to achieve an fifth-percent reduction in the antennas by the next year.

According to some reports the 5G Modem will bring faster connectivity and download speed than 4G. While consuming the same amount of power of any regular 4G Modem. The company says this achievement is possible by the efficient work in energy management as well as a better antenna design.

So you’re excited by testing 5G anytime soon? Don’t hold your breath yet as the first 5G capable phones are expected to arrive just in 2019.



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