¥1699 (~$256) Intelligent Fingerprint Door Lock Launched By Xiaomi

Chinese manufacturing giant Xiaomi has launched a Classic Intelligent Fingerprint Door Lock with a price tag of 1699 Yuan ($256). This price includes installation. This lock comes with a fingerprint recognition apparatus using a premium design. Interestingly, this door lock which comes with a solid anti-breaking ability utilizes four different unlocking procedures which include using a fingerprint, mobile phone app connected via Bluetooth, password and a physical key.

The handle of this product has over ten years live span and it can handle 100,000 times pressure test without sagging. This door uses a live fingerprint chip and all the data are preserved in a separate safe area. Furthermore, the error rate of the fingerprint chip is 0.0005% and a wider range of people can unlock this door (7 -70years) as opposed to the conventional 14years – 55years age range. It functions perfectly under adverse conditions (high or low temperature) and has a deep learning ability so that with time, it swiftly recognizes frequent users.

This product will be incomplete without an alarm system.  The alarm is triggered if a user attempts an unfamiliar print up to 15 times or when an intruder tries to pick the door lock. As for the password, it is just a 6 digit code but it also has an anti-peeping virtual password which is a 16-digit password.

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