Leagoo S8 is the world’s cheapest octa-core 18:9 smartphone so far

Leagoo S8

Full screen smartphones are considered the current hot trend since the smashing success of Samsung Galaxy S8 and currently everybody is focusing purely on making the phones with such design and 18:9 aspect ratio. One of such models is the new Leagoo S8 and it’s planning to set the market on fire with the unbeatably low price.

Leagoo S8 tries to cater to the big crowd of people who desire the looks and quality build, but are unwilling to shell out the extreme amount of money for the often overpriced big brand models. The phone is offering quite some fancy design with double-curved edge, big screen with 18:9 aspect ratio and affordability, which won’t force you to rob the nearest bank.

And you can even check out the direct comparison with the Samsung Galaxy S8 :

LEAGOO S8 Samsung S8
Display SHARP 5.72 inch 1440x720p 5.8 inch 1960x1440p
CPU 8-core 1.5Ghz LTE 8-core 2.35Ghz LTE
Screen-to-body ratio 85% 84%
Front Camera OV 8MP+2MP Dual-Cam 8MP
Rear Camera SONY 13MP+2MP Dual-Cam 13MP
Bezel Thickness 1mm Curved Bezel-less
Battery 2940mHA 3000mAH
Quick Charge 5V2A 9V1.67A
Fingerprint ID Rear fingerprint ID Rear fingerprint ID
Size 153.5 x 70.7 x 8.8mm 148.9 x 68.1 x 8mm
Craft Metal Frame Metal Frame
Price $119.99 ($169.99) $639

As you can see the Leagoo S8 can give you fairly powerful specs, polished and quality build and you will be spending about 1/6 of the budget needed for the flagship Samsung. That applies when you will save the $50 off the retail price in the Banggood campaign during the presale period for the phone.

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