BOE Displays Thin Paper-like AMOLED Screen: Set To Destroy Samsung’s Monopoly

BOE Displays Thin Paper-like AMOLED Screen: Set To Destroy Samsung’s Monopoly


Yesterday, we reported that BOE is set to rival Samsung in the AMOLED display industry as its Chengdu factory is set to commence mass production of the sixth generation of flexible AMOLED displays. It also has over ten customers already including Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, VIVO etc. However, some of our readers expressed skepticism that the word “rival” is not right because Samsung’s quality will be better. Nevertheless, fresh images and videos of BOE’s creation show that Samsung will NOT be superior and the South Korean manufacturing giant better put its house in order because a new player is in town.

Today, the Chinese manufacturer presented a series of AMOLED screen display, not only the mainstream 18:9 full-screen display but also a thin, paper-like foldable screen. It also showed displays similar to what we have in iPhone X.

With the production of BOE AMOLED screen, Chinese smartphone manufacturers, as well as others, will have less dependence on Samsung’s AMOLED screen. At least this has brought options to the industry.

Check out more images below

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  • Ronaldo Brito

    Thats Awesome.

  • Emma

    Why do people just feel that Samsung’s stuff are better? Take another look at these images, they are awesome. Lets just wait and see their performance

    • Nawaz Rajput

      They are called fanboys for a reason 😀

  • Lawrence Rodgers

    Most of the Samsung fanboys will be buying Huawei phones in a couple years.

  • Cato Maior

    if it brings the prices down, this is very welcome!

  • Very amazing.

  • Nawaz Rajput

    This is such a great news! Kudos to BOE and we would finally see OLED screens in cheap phones hopefully! These screens look great.

  • Cesc Fabregas

    well lets just see how well all displays looks when they sell 100 million of it…