One step to capture your shining spot with LEAGOO KIICAA MIX!


For the global phone market, full-screen smartphones are getting increasingly popular and widespread after XIAOMI launched Mi Mix and brought in the full-screen fashion.

Tri-bezel-less smartphones like Mi Mix are spoken highly of by many users because they can offer stunning and immersive visual experience. Due to technical limitations, however, it is still not easy to take nice selfies with the front camera in all tri-bezel-less smartphones, no matter if these phones are made by top manufacturers or common ones.

Due to the special layout of internal components in tri-bezel-less phones, their front camera is mounted on the bottom side instead of the top side like routine phones, so that it is difficult to take nice selfies. Even Xiaomi’s latest flagship – Mi Mix 2 has the same issue.

Therefore, users should think of ways from another perspective to take nice selfies. The following video demonstrates the right method to take selfies with LEAGOO KIICAA MIX. Please take a look:


  •      All-screen Design
  •      5.5 inch SHARP FHD Display
  •      MT6750T 1.5Ghz 8-core CPU
  •      3GB RAM / 32GB ROM
  •      OV 13MP+2MP /Rear Dual Camera
  •      OV 13MP /Front Camer
  •      90% /Screen-to-body Ratio
  •      Type-C Lose-less Digital Audio Output
  •      CAT 6 / 4G Network
  •      0.1S Unlock/ Front-mounted Fingerprint ID
  •      LG 3000mAH / Battery
  •      5V2A / Quick Charge
  •      Android 7.0 OS
  •      Retail Price: $139.99

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