New Moto Mod Ads Takes A Swipe At Apple & Other Manufacturers

Today, two new video ads were released my Motorola and these ads feature Moto Z2 smartphone, some Moto Mods as well as iPhone 8 Plus. In these videos captioned “can your phone do this”, Motorola lauds the supremacy of its Z2 as it displays its ability to get louder and turn into a projector. This smartphone cannot do these alone, it requires the assistance of  Moto Mods just like the newly unveiled Moto Mod Speaker with Amazon Alexa, and the Moto Insta-share Projector.

Gizchina News of the week

Motorola also dissed iPhone 8 Plus’ Portrait Mode because it cannot transform into a real 360 camera but I don’t exactly see the point that Motorola is trying to make because the Z2 cant also transform into a real 360 camera on its own. It does that with the help of a 360 Camera Mod. Furthermore, the Moto Z2 doesn’t feature a portrait mode and its ability to transform into a 360 camera with aid isn’t exactly the same thing.

The Motorola Moto Mod comes at a cost. While the Alexa Mod costs $149, the Insta-share Projector and the 360 Camera Mod has a $299 price tag. This means that the Z2 can perform extra functionality but it definitely comes with a price.

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