OnePlus 5T doesn’t bring the dreadful “jelly-screen” effect of its predecessor

OnePlus 5 is without any doubt a stellar phone, be it a matter of taste or not. The smartphone brought some of the best in terms of specifications while keeping a low price ratio when compared to smartphones breaking the $1000 line.

However the handset were not free of problems, and among the issues pointed in OnePlus 5 there is one that haunted its consumers once they started to notice. A “jelly-screen” effect started to be noticed while moving items – i.e webpage, news feed – on the display.

When discussions about the problem started to pop out all around, a research pointed that the weird effect was caused by a mount choice for OnePlus 5’s display. In fact, the display in the handset was mounted upside down to make room for the new dual camera setup. Then a software tweak inside device’s kernel was responsible to “fix” the display orientation on user’s view, however the measurement was an irreparable mistake, with the jelly effect being there all the time.

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Apparently OnePlus took notice of the complaints and fixed the problem with OnePlus 5T. According to the guys at XDA, which got their hands in the released kernel source, the display in OnePlus 5T is not flipped as its predecessor. As mentioned before on OnePlus 5, were possible to check some instructions inside kernel to upside down the screen to fix the display orientation via software, however those instructions are nowhere to be found in the OnePlus 5T code. Due to the that fact we can suppose that the Chinese company have found a better solution to place it dual camera setup than inverting display’s orientation.

If the issue is making a comeback or is in fact fixed, only time and further testing, from real consumers, will tell. For now we can only hope that XDA’s reports are correct.

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