Caviar announces an extremely expensive iPhone X

Caviar is a company famous for making special phones. Not just any special phones, but the type of special phone that requires a large wallet, a larger ego and an extremely peculiar taste in design. More specifically, they make extravagantly expensive versions of popular devices like the Trump-Putin Nokia 3310 and now the iPhone X.

The iPhone X Imperial Crown is an iPhone X with a golden coat of arms of the Russian Federation and over 300 engraved precious stones in it chassis. The back is encrusted with 344 diamonds of different sizes. There is also a single line of 14 large rubies as well as a golden plaque of the two-headed eagle.

The design is in line with other Caviar phones, which is to say their ludicrously luxurious.The unique iPhone X Imperial Crown with 64GB internal storage costs the mind-boggling RUB2,4 million, MYR166,486.66 or roughly $40421. It’s mind bogglingly expensive, but it’s obviously not for the average consumer.

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