Can the display of AllCall Madrid compete with iPhone 6s Plus ?

AllCall Madrid

AllCall are not afraid of bold challenges and today they tried to answer the question stated in the title. Yes it’s quite a long shot, because AllCall Madrid and iPhone 6s Plus are phones from different galaxies with light years of difference, but that also applies to the price, so it’s quite interesting to see the actual difference.

As you can see from the set of released pictures the displays even of the ultra cheap phones are currently actually pretty good and without any false modesty they are looking almost on par with the iPhone. At least in the pictures, because it would be much more telling to see them head to head in a video or real life of course. Nevertheless the Madrid seems to have quite nice vivid images with the color tone being warmer than the Apple behemoth.

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AllCall Madrid uses a 5,5-inch IPS Sharp manufactured display with a 85 % screen-to-body ratio, 1280×720 pixel HD resolution 400 nits of brightness and 80 % NTSC. So in terms of the display both theoretically and in real tests you don’t have to be worried about performance one single bit. Concerning other hardware equipment of the phone is of course a slightly different story.

The new ultra budget AllCall Madrid smartphone should be launching pretty soon so if interested you should closely monitor the AllCall official website to get the information about the looming pre-sales right on time. The presale activity price should be $49.99 so the phone will really be an extra affordable one.

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