Motorola one ups Samsung’s Apple-targeted Upgrade ad

Samsung and Apple have been the two top players in the smartphone arena or a while now. The two have an almost iconic rivalry these days, with both going back and forth in many things. Aside from lawsuits, the companies also tend to throw snide jabs via ads, but every now and then a third party throws their hat into the ring.

There are many companies that have thrown with the big two, most memorable amongst them being Nokia’s ‘Don’t Fight ad. Today however, we have a new competitor, that being Motorola with their new ad, which is actually a response to a Samsung ad. The company’s definitely trying their best to show up the Korean behemoths, and it’s hilarious.

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To understand this ad, you’ll need to have seen Samsung’s ‘Growing Up’ ad. The basic gist of it is that a guy is happy with his girlfriend but her Samsung device keep showing up his iPhone. Eventually he just buys a Galaxy Note 8 and leaves the people waiting at the Apple Store. He also looks at a guy with iPhone X notch hair and walks away.

The Moto ad picks up right after he walks away. According to Moto, the guy walks home and shows off his Note 8, only to instantly be one upped by her Moto Z Play. It’s definitely a fun bit of back and forth between these companies, now we’ll just have to wait and see if anyone else has anything to say.

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