OnePlus users launch petition for Project Treble support!

During an¬†AMA¬†last week, the Chinese manufacturer officially declared that the new¬†OnePlus¬†5T¬†(but also all previous models)¬†will not support¬†Google’s¬†Project Treble.¬†¬†

This announcement has in fact baffled the users who decided to take things into their hands, by calling for a petition to ask the company to go back on its footsteps.¬†The petition was submitted on the¬†¬†portal¬†and asks the whole community of¬†OnePlus¬†to re-evaluate the decision not to extend support to¬†Google’s¬†Project Treble¬†.¬†This is a request made directly to¬†Carl Pei, co-founder of the company, and¬†Pete Lau, CEO and founder.

At the moment, the petition has raised¬†little more than 5,500 signatures¬†in less than a week, and it keeps collecting more as we write this article.¬†The stated goal is¬†to attain at least 10,000 signatures, so that they users can finally have the manufacturer’s attention.

The petition is available¬†at the following link¬†if you are interested in signing.¬†project treble¬†Google’s Project¬†Treble, involves reorganizing the very architecture of¬†Android¬†in a modular fashion.¬†This way part of the system will be separated from proprietary customizations, so you can make the updates faster in release.¬†For now, Project¬†Treble¬†is only available for devices that come with¬†Android 8.0 Oreo¬†pre installed.¬†However, for manufacturers, it is possible to adapt them by making available¬†releases¬†that support the project;¬†the only downside is that this would require a complete re-elaboration of the proprietary firmware.¬†This is probably the very thing that¬†OnePlus¬†he would like to avoid doing.

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What do you think Gizchina fans? Can we give a hand and make them think again perhaps?

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