Samsung Gear S3 Has A Poor Battery Life After Tizen 3.0 Update

Samsung gear S3

Tizen is an operating system which is found in many Samsung Gear smartwatches, smart TV and other gadgets including a few non-popular Samsung smartphones like the Samsung Z series. When the latest Tizen version, Tizen 3.0, was announced for the Gear S3 a few weeks ago, it seems like it was the biggest deal that the wearable has received since its launch. Interestingly, it was reported that this update which came as a Value Pack update brought other features including “Watch Only” mode which should extend the battery life by 40 days.

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However, some users who have updated to Tizen 3.0 are now giving negative feedback with respect to its battery life. Nevertheless, it is believed that this problem probably occurs in a few units and it might not be widespread. In addition, there have also been reports that users cannot use customized watchfaces after the update. Other issues which have surfaced online include

  • Battery drain at an alarming rate.
  • Battery stopped charging at 94%. Overheated and need to cool down before continue charging.
  • Sometimes its 100% fully charged and the charging cradle still shows red light subsequently the battery self-discharge on its own.
  • Latest Facer apps become unstable, intermittent self-change back to the stock watch face.

A user said that after force stop or updated Samsung Health, the condition improved a lot. The South Korean manufacturing giant is yet to respond to these reports thus its hard to determine the true details of the problem. Please note that once you update to Tizen 3.0, it is recommended that you factory reset the smartwatch to solve some of these issues.


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1 Comment

  1. Frederico Vieira
    December 2, 2017

    I had a Frontier TZ2, Fit 2 Pro, Gear Sport and send them all back until TZ3 arrived to Frontier which made me finally happy with what is the best value per money smartwatch in the market. On continuous HRM it last at least 1.5 days and on a direct competition with Fit 2 Pro and Gear Sport the Frontier wins. I believe a serious comparison with Frontier TZ2 should only be made with HRM frequent mode (ever 10 min.) which obviously consumes much less energy and brings battery to last as much as Frontier TZ2!
    8-10% / hour is hard to believe, sorry. I have a bunch of notifications popping up and by far have never gotten such decay!

    I must also say, the reasons I purchased this watch was for running it has a large screen (questionable with Apple watch 3), HRM on continuous mode (not possible with Apple watch 3 and a Android Wear), ability to play music and get training stats on my ear (not possible with Garmin) and standalone mode (not possible with Android Gear). Regarding, GPS and HRM accuracy we should not fully rely on. On same conditions with Gear Sport I found better GPS results on Frontier and regarding all Samsung devices they tend to show 10 bpm more than my chest strap, which is somehow annoying if want to target an aerobic training or do not want to be philological affected by running constantly above our level 5, specially on a race day! While running battery drains like hell, which is somehow also obvious considering the current battery technology, which is anyway enough to last for more than 2 hours after a full charge and I would say covers more than 98% of the runner’s training. Eliud kipchoge might be able to run a full marathon with it though, not me!