AZDOME GS65H: Designed to Capture Journeys


People usually get a car dash cam to have a video evidence of an accident or maybe record meteors falling down on earth, but those aren’t the only applications they can be used for. The latest AZDOME GS65H can indeed become a mean to capture a long road trip as well, keep reading to learn why!


Well, the answer is quite simple and some of you will already know it, but, the AZDOME GS65H comes with two cameras, one recording the front (as any other camera) and another one capturing the inside of the car.

Going into specifics, the front camera can record 1080p videos, meanwhile the one looking back, inside the car, can grab 720p videos. The unique feature about the camera is that you can record both views at the same time. That’s why you can use the GS65H to create a neat video to remember the hopefully fun road trip and then share it with friends or family on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

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Another great function is the GPS capability, which allows you to easily record your path into a log file and manage your journey effectively and hassle-free, when you’re back home.

Other specs include an advanced IR filter, a 6-layer glass lens, a large F1.8 aperture -which greatly improve the night vision recording – and a silicone suction mount for easier installation and removal. All features that simplify your life and allow you to create high quality videos of your journeys.

So, in conclusion, the AZDOME GS65H could be a great camera for capturing your beautiful road trip, in addition to that, you can also use it just like any other dash cam.

Learn more about the AZDOME GS65H on the official website. AZDOME are also running a giveaway on Facebook which you can enter here.

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