Elephone S9 to Feature A Four Curved Sides Design

Elephone S9

New day new rumors for the upcoming Elephone S9 flagship. The Chinese phone maker just revealed some additional info about the much hyped smartphone, so if you’re interested in this device, then keep reading!

Elephone S9

Alright, today’s news are regarding the smartphone looks. The Elephone S9 will indeed come with a four-sided curved body, so it’ll be easier to handle compared to devices with only two curved sides. Elephone say that the process to make this kind of handset takes longer than usual, from creating the mold to gluing the screen, the entire crafting process takes a whole 30 days.

Elephone S9

Other than that, we already know the S9 will pack a bright curved AMOLED display with the trendy 18:9 aspect ratio. The tall aspect ratio also helps holding the smartphone, complementing the curved design.

If you guys aren’t aware, Elephone are also working on the S9 Pro, the smartphone coming with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660, an NFC chip and wireless charging. With all this hype around, Elephone better release the smartphone very soon.

You’ll find the latest about Elephone phones on their website or Facebook page.

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