BESTEK Cubic Power Strip on Sale + Christmas & New Year Giveaway!

Bestek Christmas

Electronics manufacturer based in China – BESTEK – produces a plethora of smart gadgets for your home. Today we have a look at the dual-mountable cubic power strip, a very unique gizmo to charge any of your power hungry devices. Keep reading to learn more about it as well as find out what BESTEK is promoting and giving away for Christmas!


So, as you all will agree, power strips are a must have for pretty much every family. Usually, power strips are often placed on the desks or furnitures, but it is easy to move when you plug or unplug devices and children could easily read them to play. To make it safer and easier to use, it is probably better to mount or fix it somewhere higher or hidden. The BESTEK dual-mountable cubic power strip offers you two easy installations to let you charge devices more safely and flexibly.

The mountable power strip comes with a detachable base that can be installed easily on any surfaces you want. Along with the package, there are a few screws and 3M plastic sticker. You can use the screw to nail the base to the wall to keep kids away from the device, or just paste it under a desk or furniture with the 3M glue to hide the cables and declutter your deck. Both mounting methods can fix the power outlet extender firmly and save space in your room, so the dual-mountable power strip is also a great option for a study room, small personal room or a school dormitory which are usually limited in room space and wall charging outlets. The USB power strip is compact and portable, so you could even take it to your office to help you manage the cables and give you a tidy working environment.


The cubic power strip has 3 AC outlets and multiple USB ports. The AC outlets are uniformly distributed on three surfaces so that you can charge computer, tablet, and other appliances from three directions without any interference and cable clutter. You can also charge multiple mobile devices at the same time. 3 smart USB ports are built-in advanced intelligent identification technology. No matter you charge cellphones, cameras, music players, speakers or other USB devices, the 3 USB ports can automatically detect your device and deliver the optimal charging speed for each one with up to 2.4A. Besides, there is a type-c port to allow you to charge Macbook pro/Air, Galaxy Note, Microsoft Lumia, etc.

If you’re trapped in desk cable clutters or limited charging outlets in small room, you can try this vertical USB power strip to make your room or desk tidier and make device charging easier. If you’re worried about the safety of kids, the wall mountable power strip can keep kids away from electricity. Overall  this is a compact but functional power strip that is suitable for home, office, dormitory and many other places.

You can get the Cube Power Strip made by BESTEK over on Amazon.

Christmas and New Year Giveaway

Bestek Christmas

Christmas and New Year holidays are just around the corner, so BESTEK decided to bring you guys over 100 pieces of free gifts and large coupons. If you want to win something or save money then keep reading!

Let’s begin with the BESTEK Giveaway which you can enter at this page. Enter to win in

What you can win:

1. Free gifts — Snail USB Quick Charger (Color subject to change, in total 100 pcs)

  • 1. 3 smart identification USB ports
  • 2. One Type-C port with Max 3A
  • 3. 100V to 240V input for worldwide use
  • 4. All-around safety protections

2. A $500 gift card (Date: 12-15-2017~12-31-2017)
3. A $1000 gift card (Date: 12-15-2017~12-31-2017)

You can get more entries in the giveaway if you do as follows:

  1. Register BESTEK official website – add 5 points
  2. Like us on Facebook – add 2 points
  3. Comment below the Facebook Christmas post – add 1 point
  4. Like&Share the Facebook Christmas post – add 1 point
  5. Following @bestekglobal on Twitter – add 2 points
  6. Retweet the post – add 2 points
  7. Learn about BESTEK INFLUENCER program – add 2 points
  8. Visit our BESTEK official blog – add 1 point
  9. Visit BESTEK Amazon Store – add 1 point
  10. Check out Christmas gift for you here – add 1 point

GizChina and BESTEK wish you good luck!

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