Another teaser confirms OnePlus 5T Sandstone Edition imminent launch

OnePlus is undoubtedly a company that will not go to be remembered for their ability to keep own secrets. It happened with older models and happened this year with both OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T having most of its details and even design undisclosed ahead of a launch, and surprisingly most of these details have been shared by OnePlus.

If you recall a few days ago the Chinese manufacturer shared a teaser of users experimenting a new product inside a mysterious box with OnePlus logo. Our main bet about the product identity was a new version of the OnePlus 5T marked by the return of old good Sandstone texture. Mostly due to the descriptions given by the users who felt the product inside the box.

Now we are one hundred percent sure that OnePlus will release a new Sandstone OnePlus 5T since the company made a post through their Twitter Account with a teaser showing users and fans feelings about the Sandstone Texture.

When the Original OnePlus One was released most of its consumers waited for the Sandstone version, the version with the best specifications, of course, but also the one with a unique design, feel and grip. Especially in an era when most of the smartphone makers were shipping flagships with boring, cheap and glossy plastic build.

The last message coming from the company clearly states “We listened.” I don’t know what you guys think, but this is for sure a confirmation that a Sandstone OnePlus 5 is coming, in counterpart to the other colored variants as the Red OP5T we expect this new textured variant to hit Global market availability.

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According to rumors, the Sandstone OnePlus 5T is going to make a debut a few days ahead on January 5, when the product inside the mysterious box will be revealed. But don’t hold your breath yet since all this still is based on speculation.

The only downside towards this new launch is that users who loved the previous Sandstone models but bought their OnePlus 5T unaware of the late arrival of this new textured variant may feel… a little pissed.



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