Samsung Set To Achieve Record Q4 Earnings

Samsung, galaxy m

South Korean manufacturing giant, Samsung, is all set to announce a record Q4 earnings according to analysts. Samsung’s stronghold has always been its semiconductor business due to the high demand for chips for¬†high-end devices. As of now, many analysts are predicting that the South Korean technology giant record a high performance. According to a Thomson Reuters survey of sixteen analysts, the world’s leading maker of semiconductors is presumed to¬†a 74% year-on-year jump in operating profit¬†to KRW 16 trillion¬†($15 billion or roughly Rs.95,000). Samsung will release its earnings¬†guidance on Tuesday prior to the official announcement of its performance later in January.

Lee Soon-Hak, an analyst at Hanwha Investment & Securities said

“Samsung’s fourth-quarter earnings outlook is lower than initially expected, but it’s mainly due to one-off costs. We remain positive as there’s no notable change in¬†DRAM¬†market dynamics,”

There was a huge setback in the demand for NAND¬†flash chips which started in the latter parts of November which ended a¬†prolonged boom. Nevertheless, the continued¬†rise of DRAM chip prices ensured that Samsung’s operating profits won’t be affected. According to¬†DRAMeXchange, the increase in the prices of¬†server DRAM and mobile DRAM is expected to continue through the first quarter of 2018. Samsung Display is another unit that will boost its overall operating profit considering the¬†sales of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screens for¬†Apple’s¬†iPhone X¬†smartphones as well as Samsung’s own handsets. According to¬†HMC Investment & Securities analyst Greg Roh, 10 million units of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 have been shipped¬†since sales began in September. All these combined together to give Samsung a very strong finish to 2017.

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