LG G7 will be redesigned from the ground up, no-show at MWC 2018

In one of the big stories of 2018, LG has reportedly directed its mobile division to redesign the LG G7 up from the ground. The info coincides with earlier reports that LG would n more be launching flagships yearly. We heard this from LG CEO, Seong-jin himself at the now concluded CES 2018. The decision is not a new one as the G series has received full makeovers in the past too. Only this time it’s going to be late.

Some sources narrated to The Investor, “the G7 smartphone team of the company’s mobile communications business was told to halt recent work related to the development of the newest phone, and to review the new product from scratch.”

This also means that the launch date will be pushed back by quite a few months. Hence, we won’t be seeing the LG G7 at the MWC in February where Samsung is set to showcase the Galaxy S9/S9 +.

We’ve got mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, we’re faced with the proposition of a completely new designed flagship from LG. On the other, we don’t know when it will launch. Indeed, there’s no saying when this new redesign will be complete. Could it be that LG will postpone the LG G7 for a whole year? or at least by 6 months? We’ll find out in the coming months.

Sadly, the LG G6 wasn’t a bad flagship by any stretch of imagination. Unfortunately, it had to live in the shadow of the highly successful Galaxy S8. At least, now we can say that the LG G7 or whatever it will be called will come with a Snapdragon 845 SoC. Isn’t it?

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