Elephone U Pro – 6 Reasons Why You Should Get One

Elephone U Pro

As pretty much anybody who follows Chinese phones even so slightly knows, the Elephone U Pro is one of the most promising devices coming from the Asian country to hit the market in 2018. The handset packs lots of high-end features and because of that we decided to nail down what we believe are 6 main reasons you should get one; let’s check them out!

Elephone U Pro

1. Curved Full Screen Design

The Elephone U and U Pro are both equipped with a flexible AMOLED screen, which makes them the third (and fourth?) smartphones in the world with this kind of technology. The display on the U line up has been produced by BOE, a company that has never worked with any Chinese company in the past, whether we talk about Huawei, Xiaomi or else. Elephone is actually the first company in China to use BOE displays, giving the Elephone U & U Pro an edge over similarly priced devices.

In addition to the beautifully curved side bezels, the difference between this screen and the usual LCD is that AMOLED uses the principle of luminous pixels, which not only saves energy but also has a wider color gamut and spectrum. AMOLED is definitely brighter than the usual IPS display and has an higher response speed.

Both displays comes with an aspect ratio of 18:9 and FHD+ resolution, which gives the devices a more immersive look and a large screen area while keeping the body quite slim, thus easier to handle.

Elephone U Pro

2. The First  Elephone Phone to Use an High-End Qualcomm SoC.

The Elephone Trunk was the first model from Elephone to pack a Qualcomm processor, but that was a very low-end SoC in comparison to what the Elephone U Pro is going to be boasting.

Elephone U Pro is indeed equipped with a Snapdragon 660 processor, which differs from its predecessor (Snapdragon 653) in improved processor technology – from 24nm to 14nm, with performance and power consumption. The processor’s performance has been increased by at least 20% from the previous model.

The Snapdragon 660 processor paired with the lower power consumption AMOLED screen should bring quite a good autonomy as well.

Elephone U Pro

3. Top Build Quality & Design

The Elephone U, formerly known as Elephone S9, as well as the Elephone S7 and Elephone S8 are the series of high-quality Elephone products. The Elephone U has retained the good appearance from the previous two models with the back cover created using the same shiny material and a durable 3D glass back, that looks good while protecting it from scratches.

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In the manufacturing process of the U and U pro, a more expensive aluminum alloy and anodic-ceramic technology has been used, so that the entire smartphone glistens dazzlingly. Both phones also feature a body curved from 4 sides, i.e. the front and back sides of U and U Pro are made of curved glass, which makes them look super sleek.

A neat detail about the phone is that the Elephone logo at the back can be used as a notification indicator and can be customized to your taste.

Elephone S9

4. True Dual Camera Setup

The Elephone U and U Pro come with a dual 13MP camera setup which uses image processing algorithms from the very established brand Arcsoft. That means you can add a nice bokeh effect or take photos in adverse light scenarios and still get pretty amazing results out of them.

5. Charging Your Phone Will be a Pleasure

The Elephone U Pro supports not only the fast charging function QC, but also packs wireless charging.

How efficient is this fast charging feature you may ask? Well, the built-in 3550mAh capacity battery can be fully charged in less than an hour, which gives you the opportunity to use your smartphone all day without worrying about running out of juice.

The Elephone U and U Pro are also equipped with a Type-C interface, which not only allows fast charging but a higher data transfer rate and ease of connection by either side. Plus wireless charging will help you keep your device always charged, overcoming all the inconveniences of having to charge your smartphone every once in a while.

Elephone S9 Pro

6. Unlimited Storage! Alright no, but Close.

Elephone U Pro comes with a massive amount of RAM – 6GB – and an insane amount of of storage – 128GB, you also have a 4GB+64 GB if you prefer cash over bragging rights. The RAM is of the type DDR4X type, so its some of the quickest available on the market. Meanwhile in the 128GB of storage you can potentially store up to 10,000 photos of 16MP resolution, 20,000 high-quality music files and 5 hours of HD video. You can fill in your phone with content and stop worrying about clearing out space.

Elephone U Pro

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