Feature or bug? iPhone X/8 camera flash doesn’t work when its cold

Well this looks interesting I guess! According to a massive amount of iPhone X and iPhone 8 users during the past couple (cold) days there seems to be an issue with the LED in those aforementioned devices.

Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X

According to their reports, the camera flash doesn’t work in cold conditions, although flashlight itself works when turned on separately. And NO there’s no need to bring up the 0º-35º C / (32º-95º F) limit, as we’re specifically talking about the over-0-degree-Celsius conditions here.

The issue isn’t something new, as several hundreds of users have been complaining about the problem since months now and Apple – in some cases- offered replacement devices but nothing significant in numbers. So far there are a lot of people talking about it on other platforms like Reddit and Twitter reporting the same issue:

Flash doesn’t work in the daek/cold from iPhoneX

If you’d like to dig deeper on this, here is a full list of sources where this problem is being discussed: Twitter, Reddit (1,2,3,45), and Apple forums (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10). Journalist/photographer Jan Rybar also faced the same issue. So far, Apple hasn’t paid attention to a critical problem like this, despite being reported by a very large number of users. Adding salt to the injury is the fact that the company knows cold weather can cause issues with its devices, as it has already acknowledged and fixed a different, weather-related iPhone X problem.

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If some of you believe that perhaps a future iOS release may fix this problem then unfortunately this isn’t the case, as a user running iOS 11.3 beta confirmed earlier this month that they also faced this problem.

Do you face the same issue guys? Perhaps a friend of yours? Do let us know in the comments below 🙂

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