Nokia was the Most Mentioned Brand at MWC 2018 According to Twitter Survey

For the first time, Nokia showed off their new tech under HMD Global at the Mobile World Congress 2018. And they sure left a mark. Nokia brought to the table 4 new smartphones, none of them disappointing. From flagships to resurrection of an old phone, Nokia didn’t leave any stone unturned. The Finnish manufacturer managed to collect more than two dozen awards during the 4-day event with the CEO of Nokia putting the count at 21.

In a survey published by Brandwatch in partnership with Twitter, Nokia has turned out to be the most mentioned brand at the MWC 2018. All the biggies took a lower rank with Samsung coming in 2nd, Huawei coming in 3rd,Google 4th and Apple 5th. The gap that Nokia has bridged as a smartphone manufacturer from its failed line of phones to the now most talked about handsets is impressive.

The company launched 4 new smartphones, the Nokia 8 Sirocco Edition, Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 6 2018, and the Nokia 8110 4G aka banana phone. Nokia has done a great job with the new line of phones. With all upcoming phones above Nokia 3 coming under Android One, the users of vanilla Android are gonna be ecstatic.



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  1. Guest
    March 5, 2018

    O RLY? The only attention they got is for their bananas, which every other visitor wanted to peel and eat. Nokia is a chinese piece of s**t with a formerly amazing brand logo on it. Let us know when they start sharing their kernel sources and then I’ll think about giving them a chance.