Blackview P10000 Pro Officially Coming with a Massive Battery

Blackview P10000 Pro

Blackview just made public their plans to release a new 18:9 full screen phone by the end of the month with the main feature being its massive 11,000mAh battery. So, there are no doubts the smartphone will sport an incredible battery life along with the modern display aspect ratio. That said, let’s see what the handset will actually look like in its first introduction video!

The display we see in the video above will be a large 6 incher with a nice Full HD+ (1080*2160) resolution. The rest of the body will be thicker than an ordinary phone but that’s to be expected considering the 11000 monster battery you’re getting along with it.

Since we’re talking about battery again, you’ll be surprised to hear that according to in-house tests run by the company, they have declared the phone will be able to last up to 50 days on a single charge. If that were to be confirmed, we’d be looking at something extraordinary here. Did they pair it with a Mediatek P series CPU to achieve these results? We’ll have to wait and see.

Blackview P10000 Pro

Blackview also revealed that the P10000 Pro will support 5V/5A Type-C fast charging which can fully charge the phone in just 2 hours and 25 minutes, also impressive.

The Blackview P10000 Pro phone will be available in two versions: one covered in glass to brings a smooth feel and a simple style, and a variant wrapped in Italian real calf leather for a more comfortable, secure grip and premium look.

What do you guys think about the P10000 Pro? Are you into battery monsters? Let us know down below!

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If you can’t wait to hear the latest from Blackview then check out their Facebook page or website.

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