What kind of users is the tri-proof Oukitel WP5000 aimed at? (Video)


You might be a tall and strong guy, an elder man, woman or a teenager, but all of that doesn’t really matter when you’re buying a phone. Whatever your physical or mental status is, as well as your occupation, a rugged device should provide you the peace of mind ordinary phones cannot do. Nonetheless, phone manufacturer Oukitel, tried to find what kind of users are more likely to take advantage of their latest tri-proof WP5000; let’s watch the video below!

As we can see in the video, no matter if you are an outdoor enthusiast who loves rafting, cycling, hiking, skiing, diving, or surfing; or an outdoors man who often works in tough environment like woodcutters, miners, oilman or construction workers; a specialists like fireman, policeman, or delivery man; a parent who has a naughty child; a careless person whose phone often slip out of your hand; or a businessman who needs a tough smartphone that can support long time phone calls; the OUKITEL WP5000 is designed to provide a great user experience to all of you.

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Of course, WP5000 is also suitable for many other people we haven’t listed above. OUKITEL did indeed create a thin, light and tri-proof smartphone with a large battery and great cameras for pretty much any user. Since the smartphone isn’t just a way to get things done anymore but more of a life companion, having one that doesn’t break at the first adversity is a great plus.

If you’re interested in getting an OUKITEL WP5000, subscribe on the official website to get it at a lower price or win one.

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  1. SoniC
    March 23, 2018

    What kind of users is the tri-proof Oukitel WP5000 aimed at?

    Answer: noone. Except those that want to have a phone from a company that is lying to the customers, and their hardware is not reliable at all and breaks after a year of use.