Huawei Votes In New Board of Directors – Gets New Chairman

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On March 23, Huawei successfully elected the company’s new board of directors. The new Board of Directors continues the collective leadership model and the rotating CEO system will no longer be operational.

The list of board of directors is as follows:

Board members: Liang Hua, Guo Ping, Xu Zhijun, Hu Houkun, Meng Wanzhou, Ding Yi, Yu Chengdong, Wang Tao, Xu Wenwei, Chen Lifang, Peng Zhongyang, He Tingbo, Li Yingtao, Ren Zhengfei, Yao Fuhai, Tao Jingwen, Yan Lida

  • Alternate Directors: Li Jianguo, Zhao Ming
  • Chairman: Liang Hua
  • Rotating Chairman: Guo Ping, Xu Zhijun, Hu Houkun
  • Deputy Chairman: Guo Ping, Xu Zhijun, Hu Houkun, Meng Wanzhou
  • Managing Directors: Ding Wei, Yu Chengdong, Wang Tao

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Judging from the results of the election, Ren Zhengfei will not hold the post of chairman as did his predecessor. As the founder and CEO of the company, Ren Zhengfei has been focusing on internal governance and construction. He plays more of a leading role by focusing on the development strategy and key elements in the company.

Liang Hua, the newly elected chairman has been with Huawei for about 23 years and has held several positions such as Head of Structural Design and Structure Division of China Research Institute, President of Supply Chain Management Department, Group CFO, President of Global Technology Service Department amongst others. Before he was elected chairman of the current board of directors, he was also chairman of the board of supervisors of the company. It is understood that although Sun Yafang has stepped down as chairman, he will not retire. He will continue to play a role in Huawei’s governance system. Sun Yafang received extensive praise and respect from both within and outside of Huawei during his tenure.

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  1. War Pancakes
    November 29, 2018

    This article made me smile.
    Corrections and omissions: Ren Zhengfei has no predecessor, Madam Sun Yafang is a woman, not a man. Liang Hua is a nobody in the company placed as a puppet Chairman now because he has a more innocent history, less connection to the party, and is a difficult target for the Western media to attack. Ren Zhengfei is no longer allowed to embarrass the company with unfortunate press contact and public statements. Guo Ping has been greatly elevated. Madam Chen Lifang is being groomed as future Chairwoman of the Board.